Wardrobe Confidential

Wardrobe Confidential

I am sure at some point or another you have stood in front of your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear and have ended up uttering “I have nothing to wear” to a partner or friend’s utter disbelief. It has certainly happened to me on more than one occasion. But I think I have found the answer, or at least a solution that seems to work for the moment. It is a simple process, but an effective one.

The first step is to follow one of author and “tidy guru”, Marie Kondo’s bits of advice which is to get rid of anything you do not love, anything you are not passionate about. Whether it was very cheap, or it is very comfy, if you are not passionate about it, you will not wear it and if you do, you will not feel good in it so scrap it, donate it, give it away or sell it… do whatever you want with it but get rid of it.

When all that is left in your wardrobe are items of clothing that you like, look at it carefully and have a think about what it is about those things that you love, is it the cut, is it the fabric… and try to see if they are clothes that follow a specific fashion or just items that you like as just that, items. And this is where the key is, in filling our wardrobe with items of clothing that we are passionate about not just as clothing, but as items in themselves, as if they were works of art.

So, instead of considering our wardrobe a whole load of clothes we wear on a daily basis we should consider it a collection, just as if it were an art collection.

And we should now therefore apply similar criterion to that of an art collector when buying our clothes. We should buy our clothes when we come across the item we love, whether we need it at that moment or not. But we must ensure, as I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks back, that the clothes we are buying satisfy that primal taste we all have and are not just a fad, it must be real love, not a one night stand! True, we will sometimes need to buy an outfit for a specific event or occasion, but once we have applied the method for a while, our collection will have clothes for all occasions and they will be clothes we love and which will make us feel fantastic. These clothes will be clothes you will not get bored of, and although you might tire of wearing them sometimes you won’t want to get rid of them, and will go back to them time and time again with the same enthusiasm as when you first bought them. You will have a collection of clothes rather than a wardrobe full of clothes.

And little by little we will stop having that feeling of “I have nothing to wear” as anything and everything in our wardrobes will give off great energy, will make us feel great and will be timeless. And as fashions come and go each of the items in our collection will respond to that primitive taste of ours and we’ll be only too pleased to wear them day in day out.

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