The power of perfume


The power of perfume and smells. It is amazing how in an instant, a smell can bring back so many memories and with such strength.

I write these words having just dedicated the better part of an hour smelling different perfumes in the Duty Free lounge at the airport whilst waiting for my flight home after an intense day of vintage treasure hunting.

I started by smelling all the perfumes I myself have worn throughout the years. First, Coco Chanel, the first real perfume I bought, at a Duty Free shop too, age 15. A powerful scent for a fifteen year old, but funnily enough, the perfume I have returned to years later and which is now with me to stay, probably forever. There have been many others on the way, L’ Eau d’Issey, 212 Carolina Herrera, Chanel’s Chance, Encre Noir by Lalique, Jo Malone’s English Pear & Freesia…a long list of perfumes that have accompanied me along different moments, people and experiences in my life to date, moments I have been able to revisit this evening in the airport’s Duty Free perfume section. It has been marvelous. A trip to the past made possible by my sense of smell and it’s magical power of transporting the imagination.

And once I’d started, I obviously couldn’t resist visiting other people from the past and present. Childhood memories of my Granny brought back by Opium, I visited my Mum with J’Adore, teenage boyfriends came alive with Farenheit, long chats with friends with Narciso Rodriguez…

I could have spent a whole day there, playing with great memories which I was reliving through the scent of the different perfumes.

And that is exacty it… perfumes are intagible and yet they are a multimillionaire business in the fashion industry and it’s no surprise given how powerful they are.

A perfume is the finishing touch to any outfit. Just like with clothes, each one of us has a perfume that suits us, and it must be inkeeping with our personality and tastes, and although it can change over the years, once we have find the right one, it will usually stay with us forever.

I don’t believe in changing our perfume with the seasons, I think we should change it according to how we are feeling, as perfume transports us to different moments and places and sets a mood, completing our outfit or ruining it if for instance we don’t feel comfortable wearing it.I’m sure you too have been inadvertently spritzed with a perfume whilst walking through a department store and have spent the rest of the day feelng uncomfortable, suffering rather than enjoying the perfume.

Perfume should be enjoyed, it should make you feel good, glamorous, it should complete your daily style and make you feel unique. That way, when someone who cares for you smells your perfume anywhere, they will be transported to wonderful moments shared with you, and you will pop into their memory in the most unexpected places, like the airport’s Duty Free lounge.

Mima & Boo

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