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style mood board


What is my style? How many times have you asked yourself this question and how many times has it remained unanswered?

How many times have you found yourself on the shop floor surrounded by clothes rails packed full of items of clothing of the most diverse styles, wondering which to go for?

You might find you feel overwhelmed every time you go clothes shopping. Bohemian, classic, glamorous, sophisticated, romantic, sporty, sexy, traditional, punk, gothic androgynous, rocker… the list is never ending but none of these define your style exactly.

It could be that your style can’t be defined with a single adjective or word.

Aha! So I must be “boho-chic” or a “smart casual” dresser… and again, the list goes on and on but still none of these really describes your style. And then you remember that word that is so fashionable at the moment…eclectic! Your style is eclectic! Which is simply to say that you like a variety of styles and fashions and like to mix and match them.

So you now know your style is eclectic but you find yourself no wiser when confronting all those clothes rails on a shopping spree.

Worry not! This happens to most of us and we spend years if not decades trying to, very often unsuccessfully, find our style. And really the key is precisely in not trying to define a specific style, but to try and identify our favourite styles, colours and textures and put them together in outfits that make you feel good, comfortable and pretty when you wear them.

To try and help resolve this uncertainty I recommend investing some time in making a mood board with things we like that are related to how we like to dress.

Fabrics, colours, textures, jewellry for example. We can also have images that inspire our style such as paintings, specific people, landscapes, places…

If we then look carefully at our mood board our style may become apparent and this will be our starting point when putting together an outfit or when setting out to buy new clothes.

It’s important that any outfit we put together reflects our style as otherwise we will not feel comfortable and this will prevent us from enjoying the day. Our mood board will help us keep our preferences in mind and not allow ourselves to be influenced by external factors, fashions or opinions which can sometimes confuse us. A confusion which can sometimes lead us to buy items of clothing which are not really our style, and although we may wear them on a couple of occasions, in the long run, they will end up at the back of the wardrobe as we don’t really feel comfy in them. So at this point, I must underline the importance of being 100% honest with ourselves whilst putting our mood board together. Anything clothes related that we feel passionate about must be on that mood board, even if they are of questionable taste or fashion, if not, we will be wasting our own time. Once we have put it together, we must try and keep it in mind when shopping to ensure any new purchases fit in with our tastes and style.

A style mood board can change over time but we won’t normally find any major changes, as our basic, or should we say, primitive tastes don’t normally vary much, even over long periods of time. What will change though is how we apply these elements to our personal style.

It really doesn’t matter what it is that makes you buzz, be it fringing, velvet, patent, bling or trainers, what matters is to know that it makes you feel something special and to put it on your mood board with all the other elements that make up your style. And these things must be things that have always moved you, not just fleeting tastes and likes, but those that have been with you for years. With your mood board in mind you will begin to be able to identify your style and wear outfits that express your personal tastes and personality as well as maybe even following certain trends with your own personal twist.

With help from a simple mood board, we can all find our style and begin to dress according to our real, personal tastes and adapt fleeting trends to our primitive and individual style whilst feeling comfortable, beautiful and happy each and every day our this wonderful adventure which is life.




Mima & Boo

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