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At Mima&Boo we love dresses, they are our favourite item of clothing and even more so if they are vintage!

Why? You ask…well for many reasons, but more than anything, we love them for their comfort and versatility value.

I have to admit I don’t like changing my wardrobe from winter to summer clothes and vice-versa. It isn’t so much that I don’t like doing it, but that I find it very impractical… by the time I’ve managed to get my summer clothes out, it’s usually winter again!

So, a few years back I decided to scrap the change over and leave all my clothes out all year round, winter and summer garments happily sharing my rather crowded wardrobe space. And that was when I discovered that dresses are the most versatile item of clothing ever! All being we are not talking about a wool dress of course!

You can wear a cotton or viscose dress for instance, all year round, all you need is four key pieces to wear under or over it depending on the weather:

  1. a neutral coloured roll neck jumper,
  2. a cardi
  3. a blazer or jacket of sorts
  4. and last but not least, a pair of thick tights to match the roll neck

Layer up or layer down and you have a dress for all climates!

In summer: Dress plus sandals.

For autumn: Dress plus sandals and a jacket or blazer.

In winter: Dress plus boots, tights, roll neck (under the dress), cardi, jacket or blazer and a coat.

For spring: Dress plus tights and boots (or sandals if you dare!) and a jacket, blazer o cardi.

So, the other reason for loving dresses is their comfort value, you just have find the shapes that flatter you most and you’re set! Trapeze or triangle shaped dresses for example flatter most body shapes, curvy and not so curvy, as they can be worn loose or belted to accentuate the waist.

And I’ll let you in on a secret… most vintage dresses have pockets! An absolute necessity which is missing in most current day dresses.

So this is why we maintain this love affair with dresses. They are feminine, comfy, versatile…what more can you ask of an item of clothing?














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