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Vestir Vintage

One thing that never ceases to surprise me when I talk to friends about Mima&Boo, is when they tell me they don’t like vintage. Not due to the fact that it’s already been used, but because it’s just not their style, they say.

But this is the big misconception, at least from where I stand!

Dressing vintage, does not necessarily mean dressing retro. A few weeks back I wrote about the difference between vintage and retro for precisely this reason, because loads of people get the two concepts mixed up. And dressing vintage is absolutely compatible with dressing in a contemporary fashion.

In fact, at Mima&Boo we follow three basic guidelines when dressing: our outfit needs to be comfortable for the day’s events, we try and wear at least one vintage item of clothing and we make sure our outfit is in “our” style (in keeping with our personality), and looks contemporary. In other words, we do not wear our vintage in a retro fashion. Not because we don’t like it, as we in fact love it, but because it isn’t our style, so we wouldn’t feel comfortable dressing that way.

So the thing is, that when I am out treasure hunting, for the shop or myself, I look for items of clothing that can be worn in that contemporary style and may even follow current trends.

The big differences between vintage clothes and newly manufactured clothes are the fabrics, the tailoring and most of all that with vintage, we can wear unique and therefore exclusive clothes at an affordable price.

To me, the quality of the fabric is essential, always preferring natural fibres (silk, cotton, wool…) as they have a much nicer feel to them, are more breathable and comfortable. It is true that I sometimes find spectacular pieces in artificial fibres, so we could say that for wardrobe staples I look for natural fibres and am willing to overlook the nature of the fabric if the design of the piece is worth it. And this is where I find a big difference between vintage and current high street clothing. I find now a days, most clothes, no matter what the nature of the design is are manufactured in artificial fibres, when in many cases those items would benefit from being made in natural fibres. It is all down to costs.

So what vintage allows us, is to dress quality items of clothing that would otherwise be too expensive, in a contemporary fashion is we so wish.

So when my friends tell me they are not into vintage, I love to propose a little game which is to lay out two outfits and let them guess which is vintage and which isn’t… shall we play?

In the foto, one of the outfits is 100% vintage and the other 100% not vintage…can you guess which is which?

The answer… to come shortly!

Mima & Boo

2 thoughts on “Dressing Vintage

    • Mima & Boo says:

      ¡Correcto Flames!
      ¡Ya tenéis la solución!
      El look de la izquierda es el 100% vintage y el de la derecha es una combinación de marcas actuales.

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