Buyer’s Guide

We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase so we have jotted down a few tips to make sure you find shopping with us easy and enjoyable.

Our Definitions

  • Vintage: item of clothing or accessory which is at least 20 years old
  • Preloved: item of clothing or accessory which has been previously owned or used


  • Excellent Vintage / Preloved: Item in perfect condition, as good as new.
  • Good Vintage / Preloved: Item in a very good condition with minor flaws that can be seen on close inspection but do not affect the item when worn.
  • Fair Vintage / Preloved: Item in a good condition with minor flaws which can be seen when worn but do not render the item unwearable. Fair condition items are sufficiently attractive so as to be worn even with the minor flaws.

At Mima& Boo we do not sell items that cannot be worn in a normal fashion. Any items that need work or modifications would be listed in our Clearance section at a reduced price.

General Notes

We do our best to describe every garment to the best of our ability and multiple photos are provided with each listing as well as measurements and any flaws of note. Remember you are purchasing Vintage and Preloved therefore these items have probably been previously worn, used, and loved and will show some signs of wear. All items are sold as is.

Measurements and Sizingmedidas


Sizing standards have varied a great deal over the years, it is for this reason we prefer to specify each garments measurements as well as offering an approximate current day sizing reference. This sizing is to be taken as guide and it is always best to check the exact measurements of each garment. The sizes we use are: XS, S, M, L, XL

For best fit, compare the measurements specified for the garment chosen to those of a similar garment you already own that fits you well.

All measurements are taken while the garment is laid flat and relaxed.