About us

jennifer reedI love vintage and have done for as long as I can remember. Furniture, clothes, magazines… anything really!

I love finding special items and trying to imagine their previous lives;who they belonged to, why they were purchased or made in the first place, what that certain something meant to its previous owners and what those owners would think of the use I make of it.

It would seem to be genetic. My Granny had a little antiques stall in a market in Bath back in the 80’s where she used to buy and sell little bits of jewellery and small items of furniture as a hobby. I reckon it was just a way of being able to enjoy those marvellous little jewels, if only in a transient manner, as she did not need for the money and certainly never made a good business out of it!

And I, like her, have the same problem.In fact, I think we British carry this fascination with everything vintage in our blood. I cannot justify buying any more clothes (or furniture or paintings for that matter), but I find it absolutely impossible to avoid going into any vintage shop or market I come across, coming out with one little treasure or another which I most certainly do not need, but  positively love.

Visiting Friends and family back in England always ends up including some sort of vintage buying frenzy. Brick Lane, Broadway Market on the weekend, that Rock and Roll jumble sale in London, classics such as Portobello or the sadly defunct Kensington Market, The Lanes in Brighton and the vintage shops down Park Street in Bristol have all seen me spend long hours mooching, searching and always joyously spending money on some beautiful item or another.

I can only conclude that my condition is most certainly a case of addiction.

An addiction which, for better or worse, has seen no improvement since my two beautiful girls arrived on the scene. Booboo (Arabella) and Mima (Emilia). Like  all mothers, my life has experienced considerable change in the last few years. Up until Booboo was born, my life was fully dedicated to the job I loved as a Hotel Manager for a wonderful hotel in Barcelona and spending the weekends discovering new and trendy restaurants, markets, cities and new hang out places. Fully embracing motherhood, I realised I could not manage my previous life with bringing up two little devils! So, not wanting to give up on my passion for work, and the freedom and independence it gives me, I knew I had to find something to put all my excess energy into.

Having thought long and hard about it, I realised the obvious, that other than hotels, my absolute passion is anything and everything vintage. Why not start something where I could channel my addiction, call it “work” and also be able to spend more time with my little devils.

Mima& Boo Vintage is the result of that passion for unique and special items of clothing, my obsession with textures and fabrics and my addiction to collecting those clothes. It is a way of making something positive out of that addiction by sharing with others the treasures I find on my adventures.

So here I am, writing up this “about me” as I get ready to set sail on my great vintage adventure!

I hope you will join me on my journey and that it will be a very very long one!